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Best packaged milk brands in Pakistan must always be a priority. Pakistan is invariably on the edge of every food industry. The trust issue on the manufacturers of food industries never lasts that long. 

No offense to the people because there aren’t a lot of brands that care about the health of the people of Pakistan. The only thing these brands care about is how to grow their business, no matter what happens. Unfortunately, the same thing happens in Packaged milk brands in Pakistan too. 

Most middle-class families buy packaged Milk in Pakistan. Likewise, low-status people try to save their money to buy cheap packaged Milk to fulfill their commodities. In fact, the raw or open Milk in Pakistan is way too expensive for a middle-class family to buy it often. Although the best packaged milk brands in Pakistan still exist. Some people believe in some brands’ quality and some others. 

Today we have brought the best and best milk brands in pakistan. We have gathered many expert recommendations and selected the best and best packaged milk brands in Pakistan that you can use. 

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best Packaged Milk Brands in Pakistan:

Following are the best and best milk brands in Pakistan 2021. 

  • Olpers
  • Good Milk
  • Nurpur Milk
  • Nestle Milk Pack 
  • Day fresh 


Olpers are one of the leading nutritious brands in Pakistan. It all started in 2006 when olpers started as a UHT milk category in Pakistan. The pure goodness and high-quality nutrition have made them one of the best-packaged milk brands in Pakistan. 

Olpers collect natural and best Milk from all forms across Pakistan. Afterward, they pass it through many processes to make it the highest standards of safe and hygiene. The 28 different types of quality tests do it all and make it entirely best for consumers. So if you are using pack milk, then Olpers is the one that you can trust. 

Good Milk:

Good Milk is from the Shakarganj food product limited. Shakarganj is one of the largest food product business companies in Pakistan. Good Milk is from Shakarganj, which is a proud product of theirs. They all started the packaged milk business in 2006. Afterward, the good Milk is used in many daily beverages. 

The quality of Milk is so exceptional that it is free from any preservatives. They collected their Milk from all the prime locations of Pakistan. Furthermore, they pass it through the well-equipped laboratory to make it well for every consumer. Good Milk is one of the best-ranked packaged milk brands in Pakistan. 

Nurpur Milk:

The fauji food foundation is another food product industry in Pakistan. The Nurpur Milk is considered the best product not only of theirs but in entire Pakistan too. Nurpur milk is well-nourished Milk with every good that has been added to it. Nurpur milk is the oldest milk brand in Pakistan. 

For the past 50 years, they have delivered the best neutral freshness and purity to their consumers. UHT milk of Europe is highly appreciated for their service of good and quality Milk for so long. 

Nestle Milk Pak:

Full of cream and nutritious, Nestle MilkPak is the healthiest milk brand in Pakistan. from the past 2-3 decades, they have been the best in the food business. From great juices to yogurt and Milk. 

Right now, Nestle milk paks are the best-selling packaged milk brand in Pakistan. So if you are pursuing cotton milk, then Nestle milk pak is one of the packaged milk brands in Pakistan that you can trust. 

Day Fresh:

Day Fresh is the most emerging packaged milk brand in Pakistan. Right now, they are leading their way with perfect Milk, as referred from their name. Day Fresh uses Milk from their own farms and then purifies it in their high-quality laboratory. With different processes, the Milk is delivered with total nutrients and without any harm to the consumers across Pakistan. 

PFA Report:

The PFA approved all these packaged milk brands in Pakistan. Although they have approved many others, these are the best ones. Each one is ranked according to the expert recommendations. 


Remember, some people buy tea whitener and consider it as Milk. Although it is not milked, it is chemically made only to make tea from it. So please do not use it as Milk for either your children or for adults. 

Final Viewpoints:

If you have read this blog or article, it means you are now familiar with the best packaged milk brands in Pakistan. Remember, these are ranked wise mention, so if any brand of Milk is not available, then you can look for any other ranked one. These are trusted and certified milk brands of Pakistan. 

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