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[2024] Top 10 Best Biscuits in Pakistan | Diet Biscuits Included

Looking for the best biscuits in Pakistan? well say no more you are at the right place for it.

Dipping biscuits in tea is like a ritual in Pakistan; though it is not appropriate, the people of Pakistan have no shame in doing it. Biscuits are one of the most consumable snacks, meals, or anything you may call them in Pakistan. From children to adults to old people, everyone loves to eat biscuits, whether as a brunch meal or with an evening tea time.

If you are wondering what the best biscuits are in Pakistan, then you are in the right place. Every person has their own taste when it comes to the best biscuits in Pakistan. Although today we have brought some of the best-selling and overall best biscuits in Pakistan that you can eat and enjoy their healthy taste.

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Following are the 

Best biscuits in Pakistan.

  • Lu Candy
  • Peek Freans Super
  • Oreo
  • Bisconni Chocolatto
  • Lu Prince
  • Bisconi Coco Mo
  • Lu Nan Khatai

The Best Diet Biscuits in Pakistan

  • Marie
  • Lu Tuk

Lu Candi:

biscuits in Pakistan

Lu Candy is one of the most popular and best biscuits in Pakistan. The biscuits are one of the most innovative brands launched by CBL. In fact, Candi is the only brown sugar biscuit in Pakistan that has almost won the hearts of every citizen here with its taste.

It has a sweet taste, a crunchy texture, and an amazing brown color. What makes it outstanding is its taste, which gives pleasure a touch of sweetness.

So if you want to have a unique taste, then Candi Biscuits is the one for you. It perks best in taste thanks to the brown sugar, which makes it the best biscuit in Pakistan.

Peek Freans Sooper

biscuits in Pakistan

Well, if you haven’t eaten Peek Freans Sooper biscuits yet, then you don’t live in Pakistan. It is the most cherished and appreciated biscuit in Pakistan.

Each bite of Sooper Simple is heartfelt; it feels like a pancake, soft yet a bit hard, comforting your taste buds. With the egg and milk and the perfect ingredients, these are the best biscuits in Pakistan.

It would be a crime if you didn’t like Peek Freans Sooper. In fact, it is the guest’s favorite biscuit as well.


biscuits in Pakistan

Oreo is not only a sandwich biscuit brand in Pakistan, but it is also the world’s favorite cookie and biscuit. Though Pakistanis are very fond of Orea, the children’s favorite makes it the best biscuit in Pakistan.

The black chocolate color and the creamy white chocolate in between make it tastier than it could be. In fact, you can make tons of recipes using Oreo biscuits, like Oreo ice cream, cakes, and more.

Bisconni Chocolatto

biscuits in Pakistan

Bisconni chocolate is something you will love to eat. The perks are all in the melted chocolate cocooned in soft-crust biscuits.

Bisconni Chocolatto is one of the best biscuits in Pakistan because of its amazing taste and overall quality. In fact, you can eat it without any juice, milk, or tea because the melted lava chocolate inside it makes it more delicious than anything.

Lu Prince

biscuits in Pakistan

I’m presenting you with the children’s favorite, Lu Prince Biscuits. The quality of Prince biscuits speaks for itself. The reason it is the children’s favorite is that the chocolate they use is so super tasty that it makes the taste more than amazing.

Furthermore, the premium cream brand Prince is all about a child’s imagination. For them, prince biscuits are like superheroes. The chocolate sandwich biscuits are delicious, with their shells making the taste of sweet chocolate yummy.

When it comes to children, there is no competitor for Lu Prince; for them, it is the best biscuit in Pakistan without any other thought whatsoever.

Bisconni Cocomo

biscuits in Pakistan

Presenting you another children’s favorite—well, not only children but everyone’s favorite Bisconi Cocomo.

Coca-Cola has a huge fan base in Pakistan; in fact, it is one of the most consumable snacks in the country. Its unique design and amazing taste certainly make it the best biscuits in Pakistan or the best cookies.

The burst of chocolate milk and orange flavor inside a biscuit shell always leaves you asking for more. If your child wants to have some treats, there is no better choice than to buy bisconni Cocomo. It is without a doubt the best biscuit in Pakistan.

Bakeri NanKhatai

biscuits in Pakistan

Bakeri NanKhatai was a great addition to the sweet in Pakistan. It is the finest and most authentic ingredient-made biscuits and an amazing addition to the bakery of Pakistan.

It used to be served at royal places in the past. Now the royal taste is for you. Baked with a traditional recipe that is rich and healthy. The sweet crumby delight makes the tea time more amazing for you. In fact, Bakeri NanKhatai is the guests favorite as well.

So if you have a craving for something sweet that is traditional in the bakery, go for NanKhatai because it will certainly make you taste delightful.

The Best Diet Biscuits in Pakistan:


Well, if you are looking for nutritious and delicious diet biscuits in Pakistan, then say no more; the Innovative Digestive biscuits will make your wish come true.

Innovative Digestive Biscuits is the best one for your diet because it is made with whole wheat flour, which is a source of fiber that keeps you full for a long time. Its crunchy texture and sweet flavor will satisfy your cravings. Moreover, there is zero cholesterol or trans fat.

Innovative Digestive Biscuits is without a doubt one of the best diet biscuits in Pakistan.


Marie is the most loved diet biscuit in Pakistan. The benefits of its quality and ingredients make it a very good choice for your diet. Furthermore, there are no preservatives or colors in it, so it’s completely safe to eat.

Marie is the most amazing and best diet biscuit in Pakistan. By the way, it is pronounced Ma’Rieee Nor marry!

Lu Tuk

Lu Tuk is one of the oldest biscuits in Pakistan. In fact, the very first diet biscuits were made in Pakistan.

It is fresh and light, with a firm surface. The salty taste of Tuk biscuits makes them the best for your taste buds. Moreover, biscuits are very notorious, so they are a great option for a diet.

Final Viewpoints:

As there are diverse biscuit brands available in Pakistan, when it comes to Pakistan’s favorites, these are the ones. I personally really like Jam Hearts biscuits a lot, though they are very underrated in Pakistan.

These are some of the best biscuits in Pakistan, so if you ever have some cravings for business, these are the ones to buy.

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