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Best Snacks in Pakistan are one of the most consumed foods. Not only in Pakistan, every person in the world loves to snack. Whether it is a cricket or football match or a movie, they always snack with it. 

According to some of the experts and research, more than 91% of people snack at least once a day. This makes snacks one of the world’s most consumed foods.

In Pakistan, chips, cupcakes, and some other flavored snacks are the most popular Pakistani snacks across the country. Aside from that, chocolate is a popular snack among Pakistanis, particularly females.

Every time here in Pakistan, when there is a cricket match or friends gather to watch a movie, they invariably snack. Whether it is sweet, chewy, spicy, fruity, or crunchy, people will always have a special craving for it. In fact when you know about the snacks in Pakistan you cravings will increase. 

The local snacks in Pakistan are mostly unique to the rest of the world. The reason is that due to the diverse culture and different people, each region has its own snack. In fact, this makes it more beneficial for the people of Pakistan to have the best snacks in Pakistan. 

Like we described, the diverse snacks made it so hard to choose between the best snacks from different manufacturers. However, we have rounded up the best snacks in Pakistan. Moreover, these are the most famous snacks in Pakistan as well, so it doesn’t matter where you go or travel, you won’t go hungry. 

The following are the best Pakistani snacks that will amuse you.

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Chips as Snacks:

Like every other region in the world, Pakistan is one of the biggest consumers of chips right now. Pakistani people love to eat chips. There are various types of manufacturers available in Pakistan. When it comes to producing the best quality and tasty chips, each of them goes head to head every time. are some of the best chips available in Pakistan. 

  • Slanty
  • Lays
  • Kurkure


Slanty is among the best and most consumed chips here in Pakistan. In fact, if you asked for the best snack, there would be no list without slanty. Slanty is from the Lotte Kolson food company. This is one of Pakistan’s largest food companies, which also produces many other snacks and foods. Their best and flagship product is Slanty. Furthermore, the Pakistani government has certified Slanty as a 100% halal food snack.

Slanty has a very good taste. It comes in a variety of flavours, each of which is extremely tasty. There are 

  • chilly 
  • vegetable
  • seasoned with salt and pepper

Slanty Chips are available in the following flavours.


snacks of Pakistan

In Pakistan, when you enter any shop, whether in a city or a village, you will find a lie in it. Lay is Pakistan’s most favorite snack after chips. It has certainly made a mark on every Pakistani. Especially at family and friend gatherings, there will always be a snack of lays. Without a surprise, Lays has not only stolen the hearts of Pakistanis but people throughout the world, making it one of the best snacks there is. Lays says that life needs flavor, which they have proved by producing diverse flavors in it. Moreover, Lays is 100% certified halal food snacks by the Pakistan government. 

Some of the best flavors that people like in Lays chips are 

  • Masala
  • French Cheese
  • salted
  • Lays wavy
  • Yoghurt and herbs
  • Bar B Q.


Kurkure is another of the most consumed snacks in Pakistan. Kurkure is currently Pakistan’s most distinctive chip. It is made with corn and has diverse flavors. Kurkure is likewise from Pepsico, which is the best seller not only in Pakistan but in India and Bangladesh too. If you need the best spicy-flavour chips as snacks, there is no better choice than Kurkure. Moreover, Kurkure is a 100% certified halal food snack by the Pakistan Government. 

Kurkure comes with some of the best spices and flavors. You can select the best taste in them from a variety of options. Some of the best flavors in Kurkure are

  • Toofani Mirch
  • Jhatka with Red Chili
  • Chutney Chaska
  • Masti with salt and pepper
  • Chatpatrick, Sweet Lime
  • Barbecue
  • Cream ‘N’ Onion
  • Garlic and cheese
  • Hot ‘n’ Spicy
  • Maska with Sour Cream

Snacks as cake:

Eating cakes is one of the most popular snacks in Pakistan. In fact, the diverse availability of flavors in cakes, especially cupcakes, makes them more delicious to eat. Almost every food company in Pakistan has made its own bi-products. Moreover, cakes are very cheap in price, which makes them more popular as a snack. So you can eat it to change your taste any time during brunch or at supper time with a cup of chai or tea. 

The following are some of the best cakes that are used as snacks in Pakistan:

  • CupCakes from Peek Freans
  • Gluco Teddy
  • Super Soft Bakes from Peek Freans

Cupcakes from Peek Freans:

Peek Freans is the largest food company in Pakistan and internationally. The cupcakes from Peek Freans are the most delicious cakes that you can find in Pakistan. With more than one flavor in it, you will not find a single tea without having a cupcake in it. 

The following are the flavors available in cupcakes:

  • Chocolate cupcakes
  • Strawberry cupcakes
  • Caramel Cupcakes
  • Double chocolate cupcakes.

These are the flavors in cupcakes from Peek Freans. 

Gluco Teddy:

Snacks of pakistan

Gluco Teddy is a children’s one of the favorite snacks in Pakistan. In fact, Gluco is the best food company that has produced many varieties of snacks. Gluco Teddy is a delicious cake in the shape of a bear. Furthermore, the cake is filled with chocolate. Gluco Teddy is only available in one flavour.

Super Soft Bakes from Peek Freans

Super from Peek Freans is the most famous snack in Pakistan. Right now they have announced their cake variant, which has the same vintage flavor as Super Biscuits. It is made from flour and eggs, and other ingredients make it tasteful. It is soft and delicious and goes well with the tea. There are no other flavors available in these super soft baked goods from Peek Freans. 

Homemade Snacks:

If Pakistan is famous for food, it is because of the delicious homemade snacks that include many delicacies. They are available in many bakeries with a lot of varieties and different tastes. The following are the most famous homemade snacks in Pakistan. These are 

  • Samosas 
  • Pakora
  • Shami Burger
  • Dahi Barre


Samosas are the best snacks in South Asia. It is fried and baked with a filling of savory and spicy savories. Most of the ingredients include potatoes, onions, peas, and chicken. Moreover, the triangular cones are what make it special. Here in Pakistan, samosa is a snack that will even fill your one-time meal as well. In fact, samosas are used in many other special delicacies in Pakistan. 


Pakora is another delicacy of Pakistan. Certainly, there are pakora stalls and street vendors in every street of Pakistan. Pakora is one of the most famous snacks in Pakistan. It is served in every restaurant throughout the country. It is made from a white floor to which they add different vegetables, like potatoes and onions. 

Shami Burger 

The Shami Burger is the flagship burger, or national burger, of Pakistan. There are different varieties of it, and people make it in so many varieties. The Shami Burger is the cheapest burger in Pakistan. It is made with mutton chana dal, onions, tomatoes, capsicums, and many more. 

Dahi Bary

Dahi Bary is another great snack and probably the best dish in South Asia. In Pakistan, like every other homemade snack, you will find Dahi baray in every street. It is made from some soaked beans, vadas, and fresh vegetables added to thick dahi. With a lot of spices, it makes it the best snack in Pakistan. 

Other snacks:

There are probably many more snacks available here in Pakistan which is worth trying. Some of them are 

  • Chilli Milli
  • Knorr Noodles 
  • Shoop Noodles


Chillimilli is a famous sweet and spicy jelly that has been on the market for years. Chillimilli costs 5PKR. Moreover, it is a children’s favorite as well. 

Knorr Noodles:

Well, whether it is adults or children, they love to eat noodles. There is no better noodle snack than Knorr noodles. Furthermore, noodles are the only Chinese food available in Pakistan, so it is very popular. 

Shoop noodles: 

Shoop noodles are against Knorr noodles. Both of them are head-to-head. Shoop noodles are also delicious. People love to eat it as a snack. Noodles is probably one of the best snacks in pakistan. 

Final Viewpoints

As I already said, every person in the world snacks when they do anything. So, if you ever get a craving for a snack, these are the best and most popular snacks in Pakistan. We have described every type of snack available here. So tell us which one of the snacks in Pakistan you like the best. 

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