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Chinese culture is spreading around the world, chiefly in their food. Every Pakistani kid loves to eat noodles. There are even adults like me who eat noodles as snacks in Pakistan. Noodles in Pakistan are one of the outstanding snacks that you can get. Instant noodles in Pakistan are the most popular noodles. In fact, they are certainly easy to cook. If someone wants a savory snack in no time, they must go for the best instant noodles in Pakistan. 

When there is a market for some food in Pakistan, every big food company wants to be a part of it. It is stating the obvious that Pakistan has some of the best noodles in South Asia. Many Pakistani children delight in each of them.  Knorr Noodles Shoop Noodles Kulson Noodles each of them is the favorite of many Pakistani Kids. 

Every kitchen in Pakistan possesses sacks of noodles. Kids eat it in lunch boxes in schools. Moreover, adults eat instant noodles by adding more spices to them as snacks and for lunch and dinner. So for that reason, today we have brought some of the best noodles in Pakistan. There are a few noodle manufacturing companies that are world-class, full of taste and delicious in Pakistan. 

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Following are the best noodles in Pakistan.

  • Knorr Noodles
  • Shoop Noodles by Shaan
  • Kolson Noodles
  • Samyang Noodles

Knorr noodles:

noodles in Pakistan

Knorr noodles are the best-selling noodles in Pakistan. It is a German-based food and beverage brand. Although it is owned by an Anglo-Dutch company in Japan. Knorr produces every type of beverage and other food supplies which includes ketchup soup Cubes and Noodles. 

In Pakistan, Knorr noodles are the most liked noodles, especially among children. Their selling rate is increasing day by day. Moreover, there are many tasty flavors available in Knorr Noodles. 

Following are the best knorr noodles Flavors in Pakistan. 

  • Knorr Chatpata
  • Knorr Chicken
  • Knorr Cheesy Chatpata
  • Knorr Chicken Sizzler
  • Knorr Lemon Twist

These are the best knorr noodle flavors available in Pakistan. Besides them, there are other flavors too but these are the best ones. 

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Shoop Noodles by Shaan

Noodles in Pakistan

Shoop noodles is another great, delicious, and mouth-watering noodle dish in Pakistan. It is one of the best-selling noodles brands in Pakistan. In fact, shoop and knorr noodles are head to head. Shoop noodles are the product of Pakistani origin food company Shaan. Like knorr, they have many amazing tasty flavors available. 

Shoop Noodles are different in taste from Knorr noodles. Like shoop is for soup which makes it clear that it is a mix of soup and noodles. So you can have delicious noodles and soup at the same time. There are many delicious and spicy flavors available in Shoop Noodles by Shaan. 

Following are the best shoop noodles flavors in Pakistan. 

  • Shoop Chatpata
  • Shoop Chicken
  • Shoop Masala
  • Shoop Spicy Garlic
  • Shoop Hot and Spicy
  • Shoop Cheez

These are the best flavors of shan shoop noodles in Pakistan. If you have ever craved noodles try out the spicy flavors in Shoop noodles. They are the best ones. 

Each of the flavors is available in Daraz. So Click Here to buy it from daraz. 

Kolson Noodles:

Noodles in Pakistan

Kolson Noodles were the ones that created the first instant cup noodles in Pakistan. Just like any other noodles in Pakistan, Kulson noodles have also made their name in recent years. Lotte Kolson is a famous Pakistani food company that serves the best quality food in Pakistan. We have witnessed some of the great food products from Kolson. Kolson noodles are one of them. 

There are many flavors of noodles available in Kolson. Furthermore, there are instant cup noodles as well which will only require you to put some hot water in the cup and your noodles will be ready. Cup noodles are very handy when you are traveling. 

Following are the best kolson noodles flavors in Pakistan

  • Kolson Noodles Fiery Chatpata
  • Kolson Noodles Smoky Tikka
  • Kolson Noodles Chunky Chicken

These are the best flavors in Kolson Noodles. Try out the smoky tikka in kolson noodles. They are the best ones. 

Each of the flavors is available in Daraz. So Click Here to buy it from daraz. 

Samyang Noodles:

The South Korean origin food company Samyang is the best producer of noodles in the entire world. Samyang Noodles are the best noodles that you can ever get. In fact, if you like to eat spicy food well, Samyang noodles are the spiciest food there is. 

There are many diverse flavors available. In Pakistan, you may not find Samyang noodles in any shop or market although you can order them online from daraz. Every flavor of Samyang noodles is available there. 

Following are the best Samyang noodles flavors

  • Samyang Carbo Flavor Ramen Noodles
  • Samyang Spicy Flavor Ramen Noodles
  • Samyang Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodles
  • Samyang Jjajang Flavor Ramen Noodles

These are the best flavors of Samyang noodles. All of them are spicy even if you try them they will be the spiciest noodles there are. 

Each of the flavors is available in Daraz. So Click Here to buy it from daraz. 

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Final Viewpoints

Noodles are probably the most consumed snacks in the world. Likewise in Pakistan being close to the Chinese there is always Chinese culture roaming around. So if you have cravings for noodles these above are the best noodles in Pakistan. These are the best noodles brands in Pakistan that you can get. Each of them is Halal. 

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