DPT Scope in Pakistan

[2024] What you need to know about DPT Scope in Pakistan

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) scope in Pakistan is invariably a discussion. In fact, every student talks before applying for a major degree. Similarly, if a student wishes to apply for DPT, it is necessary to first review the DPT scope in Pakistan.

What is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)?

DPT is abbreviated as Doctor of Physical Therapy or Doctor of Physiotherapy. It is a major degree of post-baccalaureate, lasting 4-5 years.

A DPT is a professional doctoral program degree. The scope of DPT in Pakistan has emerged and right now it is one of the best major doctoral studies in Pakistan. The DPT scope in Pakistan is always in the limelight.

The situation of health care has now changed. People rely more on physical treatment than on pharma. In fact, this has changed the whole choice for students. Students are now choosing DPT as a major degree rather than any other.

What Do Doctors of Physical Therapists Do?

A professional physiotherapist ought to improve the physical and overall quality of life. They frequently engage in physical fitness exercises.

The work of a physical therapist is quite reliable. They first diagnose the problem and then treat patients of all ages. The diagnosis includes injuries, disabilities, or other health conditions that require mostly physical treatment. Other than that, a doctor or physiotherapist is bound to make an individual’s life healthier and eliminate any future problems.

The way of the doctors and physical therapists is very easy. First, they examine the person and develop a treatment plan based on the condition of the person. This plan will include

the ability to move.

  • Managing pains and aches,
  • restoring functionality
  • and avoiding any disability

DPT Degree Duration in Pakistan

Before going straight to the DPT scope in Pakistan, first, you should know the duration of the DPT degree in Pakistan.

Bachelors in DPT: The full duration of a bachelor’s in DPT is 4.5 years, including 6 months of specialization.

If someone wants to go for further studies, a Master’s in DPT is the best option for them. The total duration of a Master’s in DPT is 2 years.

DPT Specialization options in Pakistan:

As almost every university and college in Pakistan offers some sort of DPT specialization. Although most of them choose according to their choices. But the total specialization involved in DPT is the following:

  • Pediatric Physiotherapy (Pediatric Physiotherapy assists children in achieving physical well-being and development)
  • Obstetrics Physiotherapy ( Obstetrics Physiotherapy supports the physical and emotional stages of pregnancy and labor. It prevents any stress and physical problems during pregnancy and labor.)
  • Sports Physiotherapist (They are involved in the prevention and treatment of injuries that occur as a result of a particular sport. They are responsible for the physical maintenance and other exercise management of the athletes.
  • Neurology Physiotherapy ( Neurology Physiotherapy deals with problems originating from the nervous and neuromuscular systems of the body. They treat the movement of the body and other functional disorders.
  • Orthopedic Physiotherapy (Orthopedic Physiotherapy deals with the treatment of all those injuries that involve the skeleton, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia.)
  • Geriatrics Physiotherapy (Geriatrics Physiotherapy is the most common physiotherapy). It involves the quality of life and improved physical well-being. Like ankle sprains, back pain, and all those problems that increase with age.
  • Post-Operative Physiotherapy (They particularly create a plan of treatment. They are involved in working with the patients and physiotherapists to create the best possible plan of treatment.)
  • Cardiovascular Physiotherapy (They treat all the post-cardiac events like heart attacks, angina, heart failure, and others)

DPT Scope in Pakistan (Overview)

As we have mentioned, there are a lot of specialization opportunities in DPT. Alternatively, the DPT scope is at the top in Pakistan.

  • When you do your DPT, you will be able to apply for many courses, like public health manager and hospital administration. Moreover, if you are going for an internship first, then you can get that in any hospital or clinic in Pakistan.
  • There are tons of high-paid jobs available for DPT in NGOs. You can work as a physical well-being advocate through these NGOs or as a full-fledged physiotherapist doctor.
  • Another alternative is to open up your own clinic. Once you complete your degree and all the required training, you can inaugurate a proper clinic in a city or in your area.
  • Working in a hospital as a physiotherapist is a great start. In any governmental or public hospital in Pakistan, you can receive up to 3 lac PKR.
  • As they say, knowledge is power, so the more you get, the more doors of opportunity will be open for you. Doing MS in PT is a great way to increase your wisdom in your required field. In fact, you can pursue your MS while doing your job. It is only a matter of 2 years.
  • Physiotherapists are in huge demand around the world. If you don’t find any DPT scope in Pakistan, you can go to a foreign country and start practicing over there. Surely you will get many opportunities in foreign countries.
DPT Scope in Pakistan

Final Viewpoints

Knowing about the DPT scope in Pakistan is not enough. Everything is accomplished with hard work. If you have a firm grip on your DPT studies, there will be no one stopping you from achieving success in physiotherapy. So take this DPT scope in Pakistan article as a head start and start your hard work from now on.

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