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[2024] Top 10 best Cooking Oil Brands in Pakistan | Health Review |

Cooking oil is the most consumed ingredient in Pakistan. In fact, not only in Pakistan but in the entire world, Cooking oil is what we use to cook our food. Without cooking oil, there is no possibility of cooking tasty food. There are diverse cooking oil brands in Pakistan. Choosing the best one might be tough, but we are here to help you out. 

One of the facts in Pakistan is that cooking oils are not created equal. Some ingredients differ from one another. In today’s situation, there are many different cooking oil brands available in Pakistan. Whether you are an expert or a beginner in cooking, it is a must to know which one of these cooking oil brands in Pakistan is better.

In general, those cooking oil brands in Pakistan are better because they have better refining processes. Like those cooking oils that are refined and have higher heat, unrefined oils have lower medium heats, which is better. Furthermore, the nutritional value is just as important as any other factor.

We’ve all heard various things about fats. In fact, the word “fats” looks a lot more negative to us. Although fat isn’t a dirty word, Its functions are very important in the body. It does things like help cell growth, protect the organs and play a vital role in nutrient absorption. Moreover, our body needs certain amounts of fat to absorb fat-soluble nutrients like vitamins A, D, E, and K. 

So it is obvious that good cooking oil will benefit you in a variety of ways. The only requirement for it is that it must be good cooking oil, otherwise, it will have huge effects on your body. We have an expert guide and some home experience, which enables us to rank the best cooking oil brands in Pakistan. 

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The following are the best cooking oil brands in Pakistan in 2022. 

  • Dalda Cooking Oil
  • Cooking Oil Mezan
  • Sufi Cooking Oil
  • Kashmir Cooking Oil
  • Kisan Cooking Oil
  • Eva Cooking Oil
  • Tullo Cooking Oil
  • Soya Supreme Cooking Oil
  • Olivola Cooking Oil
  • Cooking Oil Habib

Dalda Cooking Oil

cooking oil brands in Pakistan

Dalda cooking oil is one of the most famous cooking oil brands in Pakistan. It has been widely used across the country. In fact, in every big hotel and restaurant, dalda cooking oil is the priority. In fact, this makes Dalda one of the best cooking oil brands in Pakistan that produce high-quality cooking oil. 

The legacy of Dalda is over eight decades. They have vast experience in producing some of the best cooking oils and other by-products in Pakistan. They meet all the halal attributes, including some healthy ones, which makes them the best cooking oil in Pakistan. 


  • Dalda cooking oil completes all the requirements for halal food.
  • There is no question about the quality of Dalda cooking oil.
  • It has a huge impact on making a healthier environment.


  • Dalda cooking oil is one of the most expensive cooking oils. 

Meezan Cooking Oil:

cooking oil brands in Pakistan

The Meezan food industry and the Dalda food industry have been head to head. Especially in the cooking oil. Meezan is one of the cooking oil brands in Pakistan, which is not only specialized in cooking oil but produces many other by-products as well. Like Dalda, the Meezan group has been working for nearly five decades in Pakistan. 

The cooking oil unit of the Meezan refinery was established and started manufacturing different brands of ghee and cooking oil. This includes mezan cooking oil, mezan sunflower oil, mezan banaspati, Olivia dil dil banaspati, and cooking oil. Moreover, these are their best sellers as well, which have a huge public demand in every region of Pakistan. Without a doubt, Meezan cooking oil is one of the top cooking oil brands in Pakistan. 


  • High caliber
  • People in their golden years should be able to enjoy good health.
  • Many kinds of cooking oil are available.


  • Some kinds of meezan cooking oil are extremely expensive.

Habib Cooking Oil 

cooking oil brands in Pakistan

Habib cooking oil is a famous cooking oil in Pakistan. Every home, if not regularly, uses it at least once. It is one of the healthiest local cooking oil brands in Pakistan. In fact, it is available in every corner of Pakistan. There are many by-products available as well. 

Habib Cooking oil will be a wise choice if you make it your regular cooking oil at home. Because of its good quality, it is highly recommended. 


  • It is one of the best quality cooking oil brands in Pakistan.
  • Habib cooking oil is available easily.


  • They haven’t produced many by-products. 

Sufi Cooking Oil.

Sufi Cooking Oil is one of those cooking oil brands in Pakistan that is advertised the most. We see Sufi ads on television on a daily basis. Sufi cooking oil is from Hamza Vegetable Oil Refinery and Ghee Mills. It is one of Pakistan’s biggest refineries of oil and ghee. It has been making oil for the past 20 years. 

Sufi Cooking oil is making an enormous impact by making good and healthy cooking oil. It is way better than some mediocre cooking oils, which I buy due to their cheap rates. So, Sufi is surely a good choice for your home.


  • The Hamza Refinery is one of Pakistan’s top refineries, which makes the cooking oil better. 
  • The price of Sufi is way better than that of Meezan and Dalda cooking oil. 


  • Some reviews might go against the cooking oil. The reason is that many cheap oils come with the package and names of Sufi, but they are not original. 

Kashmir Cooking Oil

Kashmir cooking oil has evolved greatly in the past few years. Due to its great marketing strategy, it is currently one of the best cooking oils in Pakistan. Kashmir cooking oil is a product of United Industries Limited. Since their establishment in 1962, they have been producing healthy products for the people of Pakistan. 

Kashmir Cooking Oil is made from many by-products, which makes it even more special. The Kashmir studio has put them in the limelight in recent years. In a nutshell, they are emerging as one of the best cooking oil brands in Pakistan. In fact, there will come a time when Kashmir cooking oil will be a top priority for every family. 


  • Kashmir cooking oil is produced through deep engineering.
  • It is composed of high-quality ingredients.
  • Kashmir cooking oil is available at reasonable prices.


  • It is not available throughout the country, besides in the big cities of Pakistan. 

Kisan Cooking Oil

Just like Kashmir cooking oil, Kisan cooking oil is making a huge impact on the food industry. The best thing about Kisan Cooking Oil is that its franchises are available throughout the entire country. In fact, you will find kisan cooking oil in every utility store in Pakistan. This makes Kisan cooking one of the top cooking brands in Pakistan. 

The Kisan refinery was established in 2004 in Faisalabad. It is a new company, although what they have achieved in this short span of time is astonishing. So, if you want high-quality cooking oil at a reasonable price, Kisan cooking oil in Pakistan is the best option.


  • Kisan cooking oil is easily available.
  • It is a good quality cooking oil.
  • It is available at cheap prices.


  • The quality isn’t exceptional, but it’s better than most.

Tullo Cooking Oil

We are all familiar with Tullo cooking oil. After that famous meme of their advertisement went viral, Tullo cooking oil is considered to be a good quality cooking oil in Pakistan. In fact, they are now available in the entire country. 

Tullo Cooking Oil is a 100% pure cooking oil. The prices are extremely reasonable. In fact, you won’t be able to get good cooking oil at these prices. 


  • A very good cooking oil.
  • Every healthy ingredient is included in it.


  • Use less of its cooking oil if you have high cholesterol.

Eva Cooking Oil

Eva Cooking Oil is quite an unknown cooking oil to many. In fact, most of the people who will hear this name for the first time will be Although Eva’s cooking oil is high-quality oil, The fact is that they have failed in marketing, which makes them unknown to the majority of the people in Pakistan. 

Our experts have marked them as one of the best cooking oil brands in Pakistan. If they had done good marketing, then their ranking would be better by now. It is Shujabad Agro Industries, which is a well-known company in Pakistan. They supply certain types of crude edible oils, which include cottonseed, sunflower, soybean, and canola. 


  • A great quality cooking oil in Pakistan?
  • Available in a variety of packaging,


  • Due to low marketing, there are no such reviews. (If you’ve used it, please leave us a comment about what you’ve learned from it.)

Soya Supreme Cooking Oil:

Soya Supreme Cooking Oil is another great cooking oil brand in Pakistan. Agro processors and atmospheric gasses are big companies in Pakistan. They started the brands Soya Supreme and Malta in 1981. Since then, they have been serving the nation with high-quality cooking oil in Pakistan. 

Soya Supreme is available in every region of Pakistan. In fact, if you go to any local store, you will find the cooking oil of soya supreme. 


  • Soya supreme cooking oil is easily available.
  • It is a good quality cooking oil.


  • more expensive than its rivals

Olivia Cooking Oil:

Olivia cooking oil is another great quality cooking oil in Pakistan. In fact, it is one of the top cooking oil brands in Pakistan. The reason we have raked to this position is that many of us don’t know about it. It is the blend of olives and canola oil olivola that makes it a premium cooking oil. 

It depends on your taste. Even though the Olivia, or olive oil blend, is highly recommended by doctors for good health. This is why it is not used in every home but specific homes. 


  • A premium quality cooking oil.
  • There is no better quality than olive cooking oil in Pakistan.
  • There is no doubt about its quality.


  • It is expensive, which is out of the budget of a normal Pakistani.

Final Viewpoints

Having good cooking oil at home is a healthy activity. Although we don’t consider cooking oils very much. We just get the first one or those cooking oils that are cheap. This mentality can ease our pockets but can hurt our health. So make an effort to select the best cooking oil brands in Pakistan.

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