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[2024] Top 15 Beaches in Pakistan | Best Ranked Beaches of Pakistan

Have you ever witnessed beaches in Pakistan? Beautiful mountain caves, and in between them is a golden beach with blue water. Isn’t it a dream? No, you can get these sights on the best beaches of Pakistan. 

Well, the most fascinating thing about a country like Pakistan is you will find everything. 

In fact, From nature to culture, from high mountains to beautiful plains areas from Green landscapes to deserts and beaches, everything is here to feel and seek in Pakistan. 

When We say beach, we talk about Male, Maldives, Atlantic City, USA; however, these will never reach the class and beauty of beaches in Pakistan. 

The unique thing about the beaches of Pakistan, which makes them completely different from other beaches, is it is entirely clean.

Pakistan is gifted with some picture-perfect beaches. The south of Pakistan is filled with some fantastic beaches that will amaze you. No one believes when they first visit the coastlines of Pakistan. In fact, This is the fact that research and other experts are now predicting Pakistan will be the best tourism destination across the world. 

Some of the beaches in Pakistan haven’t been used by any people, which makes it like living in a dream when you visit there.

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Ranked Wise Best Beaches In Pakistan

Today we have brought some of the best beaches in Pakistan. We have ranked them number-wise depending on their beauty. Each of the beaches of Pakistan is the following. 

  • Kund Malir Beach | Balochistan
  • Astola Beach | Balochistan
  • Gwadar Harbor Beach | Balochistan
  • Ormara Beach | Balochistan
  • Cape Mountain | Karachi Sindh
  • Paradise Point | Karachi Sindh
  • Gadani Beach | Balochistan
  • Sapat Beach | Balochistan
  • Jiwani Beach | Balochistan
  • Charna Island | Karachi Sindh
  • Nathiagali Beach| Karachi Sindh
  • Tuscan Beach | Karachi Sindh
  • Pasni Beach | Balochistan
  • Clifton Beach | Karachi Sindh
  • French Beach | Karachi Sindh

Kund Malir Beach | Balochistan Pakistan

Location: Near Hingol National Park, Balochistan

beaches in Pakistan

Kund Malir Beach is the most beautiful beach in Pakistan. It is situated in Balochistan, where you will find sparkling waters and fascinating mountains. In fact, Kund Malir Beach is near the Hingol National Park, which FYI is the largest national park in Pakistan. Moreover, The Paradise seeking scenarios in Kund Malir attracts thousands of travellers every year. The mountains around the beach are so picturesque which will never disappoint you. 

Astola Beach | Balochistan Pakistan

Location: Astola beach located 25 Km from the coastline in Arabian Sea Balochistan

beaches in Pakistan

The small but mighty island of Pakistan Astla beach is the mesmerizing beach of Pakistan. The bluish water with stunning hills all around. Astola Beach is likewise known as the Island of the Seven Hills. It is one of the islands in Pakistan with speculative beauty. In fact, It is 25 km far from the coastline of Pakistan in Balochistan. Believe me, it will be your best adventure ever.

Gwadar Harbor Beach | Balochistan Pakistan

Location: Gwadar Spot, 50 Km from northwest of Karachi in Balochistan

The Guide to Gwadar Port and City | Around Pakistan

The hut of Pakistan china economic corridor Gwadar Harbor beach is the destination urging to be witnessed. In fact, the beach of the destination you will ever experience might be an ideal phrase for it. Gwadar Harbor Beach is a paradise that can’t be found in the real world. Furthermore, The amazing view of the beach from right to left water and in between a beautiful small city of Gwadar. You cannot find such a scenario in the world. This is a must-see place among the beaches in Pakistan. 

Ormara Beach | Balochistan Pakistan

Location: Port town of Ormara, District Gwadar Balochistan

Ormara Beach | The Traveloguers

There are very few beaches in the world where there are high mountains. Ormara Beach is luckily one of those beaches. Without a doubt, The roadway of beach and mountains in Ormara Beach Balochistan makes the best landscapes you could ever witness. 

Cape Mountain | Karachi Sindh Pakistan

Location: it is located near the hub river and garden Beach in District Karachi, Sindh

Cape Mount - Picture of Karachi, Sindh Province - Tripadvisor

Cape mountain beach in Pakistan boosts this unique beaching vibe that will shock you. Furthermore, The golden colour beach with mountains all around. There are many facilities of a well-developed beach there. 

Paradise Point | Karachi Sindh Pakistan

Location: Situated in the Arabian Sea, the coastline of Karachi Sindh

Paradise point Karachi Beaches of Karachi.

Paradise point beach is another great beach in Karachi. As referred to, the name is literally a paradise. In fact, The natural arch of sandstone rock is a unique point in the paradise point. This makes it an attractive point for visitors.

Gadani Beach | Balochistan Pakistan

Location: 50 KM from northwest Karachi in Balochistan Pakistan

Gadani Beach Balochistan Pakistan | Beautiful beaches, Pakistan, Scenic

The Scenic Balochistan situated beach Gadani Beach is undoubtedly a sight to witness. The beach has sharp rocks and mountains, which are worth prioritizing. Moreover, The green colour of the water attracts many visitors every day to enjoy the beach vibes of Pakistan. 

Sapat Beach | Balochistan Pakistan

Location: 220 Km from Karachi, District Lasbela Balochistan Pakistan


Sapat Beach is another picturesque beach with some astonishing rock formations. The rock in the middle of the sapat beach is called Bujh Koh. In fact, sapat beach is one of the beaches that people haven’t touched or visited. You will witness many crabs and the pure dance of dolphins on the sapat beach. 

Jiwani Beach | Balochistan Pakistan:

Location: Situated between the border of Iran and Pakistan in Gwadar

Jiwani Beach Balochistan - Pakistan Travel Guide

Jiwani beach is another Gwadar based beach of Pakistan. It is situated in a great location. The lengthy stretches of the golden beach make it a great beach. Likewise with a wall of mountains on one side made it a perfect place for your photography. You will witness many green turtles on Jiwani Beach. 

Charna Island | Karachi Sindh Pakistan:

Location: 60 Km from Karachi city, Sindh Pakistan

Churna Island Karachi - Pakistan Travel Guide

Indeed, a romantic gateway of Pakistan, the Charna Island in Karachi Sindh, is a stunning beach. With the clear crystal water where you can do scuba diving in Pakistan. It is a little far from Karachi, although it is still worth watching. Charna Island is the most beautiful beach in Karachi, Pakistan. 

Nathiagali Beach| Karachi Sindh Pakistan

Location: 40 Km Southwest of Karachi Pakistan

Nathia Gali Beach, Karachi on Behance

NathiaGali beach is the most developed beach sight of Pakistan. Because of naval control, NathiaGali beach is primarily clean and accessible to watch. without a doubt, It has everything where you can comfort easily. It is easily accessible through Hawke’s Bay road in Karachi. 

Tushan Beach | Karachi Sindh Pakistan

Location: Situated in Keamari Karachi city Sindh Pakistan.

Tushan Beach Karachi - Sindh - Pakistan Travel Guide

Beach and water lovers should visit eh tushan beach in Karachi. In fact, great spot of rushing water with small mountain holmes makes it very, very special. It is easily accessible. These small mountain holes give many opportunities to stay calm, especially for families.

Pasni Beach | Balochistan Pakistan:

Location: fishing Port Gwadar District Balochistan Pakistan

Iara Lee: Activist & Filmmaker BALOCHISTAN/ PASNI beach on the Makran Coast  | Pakistan culture, Beautiful places on earth, Pakistan

Another beach of Gwadar Dritistic is also called the fishing harbour. It is the best fish spot in Pakistan. So those who love to go fishing will have a great time at the pasni beach of Balochistan. In Fact, Many adventurers and fishing lovers invariably drove to the spot of Pasni beach. 

Clifton Beach | Karachi Sindh Pakistan

Location: Sea viewpoint Karachi Pakistan

Sea View Clifton Beach Karachi (Arabian Sea) Sindh Pakistan

So, the famous sea view of Karachi Clifton beach is an adventurous beach of Pakistan. It is the most renowned beach in Pakistan where there is everything you need. You can have an excellent camel ride. Moreover, There are open fields and every facility. So, You can rest in a hotel with a sea view of Clifton beach. 

French Beach | Karachi Sindh Pakistan

Location: it is located in between Hawkes bay and paradise point Karachi, Sindh Pakistan

French Beach, Karachi - Wikipedia

One of the natural wonders with dark brown sand, the fresh beach is one of the best beaches of Pakistan. Furthermore, the Amazing green waters with a peaceful sound will buzz from all around all you can get on the French beach. 

Final View Point 

Adventuring the best beaches in Pakistan is probably the first priority of every Pakistani. In fact, The way people visit the northern areas, it is totally worth seeing the south of Pakistan. There are fantastic sports where you can enjoy your best time with your loved ones. So don’t wait until you get the time and facilities, so go out and see the amazingness of Pakistan.
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