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[2024] Top 15 Best Ways to Earn money online in Pakistan 2024

Online earning in Pakistan is not science fiction that can’t be solved. Although We are living in the digital era where everything is completely changed from every aspect. From living and working every day to living more easily with the help of technology. In spite of all these technological changes, there are some counties still living in the vintage era. People of that particular country live backward. 

Likewise, in Pakistan, people don’t know what western countries are doing and how much they have achieved. Even though people are still not aware of anything related to online earning or the digital age here in our country Pakistan. 

However, there are influencers in Pakistan who have brought many seminars, awareness campaigns and high achievable courses. Special thanks to Hashem Server and many others who used their experience to give them the awareness of online earning. These are the people who have brought many changes in the past 8-10 years in Pakistan. 

Right now, people are more concerned with online earning in Pakistan. Every individual, especially the young guns of Pakistan, is eager to learn how to earn money online in Pakistan. 

There are many reasons why we are backward and still not much familiar with online earning in Pakistan. Furthermore, every person is very keen to know how to earn money online in Pakistan due to unemployment. To help you out today, we have brought the best way of online earning in Pakistan. There are many platforms from where you can start your precious journey. 

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Do you know:

Do you Know Pakistan Ranks 4th in the freelancing world? So I think if every person gets the knowledge about freelancing, there will be no stopping them from moving to the top rank position.

As there are many ways, a student or any person can earn money online in Pakistan. Although for Pakistan, we will mention the easiest ways to start online earning in Pakistan today. Because as a starter, you have to start from little and then go further deep into something really amazing. Some of the best ways to start online earning in Pakistan are

  • Freelancing
  • Blogging 
  • YouTube

These three are the top ways or platforms from where you can start your journey. 


Before starting explaining these for each of the platforms, you have to have a skill for it. In fact, there are many free learning courses provided by the Pakistan Government called the Digiskills. Through digiskills, you can learn many skills, including Blogging, freelancing graphic designing. 

There are teachers like Hasaham Sarver who will teach you through Digiskills. So click here to go to the official website of digiskills and enroll yourself to get started. 


To define freelancing in simple words for the people of Pakistan. Freelancing is to earn money without being employed with someone or to work independently without being employed with someone else. 

Platforms of Freelancing in Pakistan

Following are the best platform for freelancing in Pakistan

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork

These four are the top notched platforms of freelancing in Pakistan. There are many other platforms, although they are way conservative to start. Besides them, these four are the best of them.


Fiverr is an online marketplace and ranked the best freelancing platform in the world. The Most fascinating thing is most of the sellers on Fiverr are from Pakistan. So, in other words, Pakistan is leading on the platform of Fiverr. The reason is Fiverr is way easy and benign to start, unlike any other platform where it is really hard to find a job. 

Expert Recommendations

So expert recommendation for every Pakistani to start their online earning journey from Fiverr. 

Just click here and go to the Fiverr official website, make an account, become a seller and start your journey from Fiverr. 


Upwork is another great freelance market. IT is more conservative than Fiverr, although once you start it with spending, sometimes nothing will stop you from earning money. If you know you have the best skill and are the master of your skills, then make Upwork your first priority. 

Expert Recommendation:

The expert recommendation for Pakistanis is to start from a little and then go further. If you have the experience of freelancing and you know about it, then start from Upwork. Although if you don’t, then start from Fiverr. 

So click here to start your journey in Upwork. Make a seller account and start bidding for your desired job. is another platform for freelancing in Pakistan. Freelancing is likewise very benign and mellow to use. Like Upwork, they will give you a bid for a day through which you will offer your skill to whoever needs it. 

Expert recommendations:

The expert recommendation is to start from both Fiverr and Make your profiles engaging, and you will definitely get orders from both of them. 

So click here to go to the official website. Start developing your profile now. is another highly recommended online freelance market for Pakistan. It is more like Upwork, which is for highly experienced people. The idea will still be the same: first, start gaining wisdom about freelancing and then go for and Upwork.

Expert Recommendation:

Expert Recommendation for Pakistanis is first to make an account in all of the freelancing platforms mentioned. Afterward, gain as much experience as you can. Whether you get a job or not, every second, you will learn something. 

Just click here to go to the official website of 

These are the top best freelancing platforms for Pakistan. So start considering these first. 


Blogging is one of the platforms where a person can start online earning in Pakistan. In fact, Blogging is one of the platforms with which most people in Pakistan are not familiar.

In simple words, to define Blogging. Blogging is the world where you will get your desired information. It is a website full of information and content which helps you ease your work. If you are reading this, then this is a blogging website that you are getting your help from right now. 

How can you earn through Blogging in Pakistan:

A simple way to explain the earnings from Blogging is when you know many visitors are coming to your blogging website, then you can add Adsense to it. Through AdSense, you will get ads, and then through ads, you will start earning from Blogging. Furthermore, other advertising agencies will also consult with you to show their ads on your blogging website. In this way, you can earn money online in Pakistan through Blogging. 

Things require for Blogging:

Certain things are a must for Blogging. Following are the things required for Blogging

  • The first thing you need is to learn how to run WordPress (You can get a course in web development or WordPress in Digiskills)
  • You must know how to Write ( Writing is what all Blogging is about. If you don’t know how to write, then you can get a course in Creative writing in Digiskills)
  • When you know both of the above points, you will need a niche or idea about your Blog. (Think about what can you do the best or provide the information from your wisdom)
  • When you think about the topic or niche of the website, you will need to buy a Domain Name or your website address.
  • Afterward, you will need hosting. Without hosting, you cannot make a website.

These are the following things you are required to create a blogging website. However, all you need is to get the wisdom about Blogging and web development. Because you will require many skills to work out on your website. 

Expert Recommendation:

The expert recommendation here is to start learning about WordPress and creative writing. These are the most important ones in Blogging. Both of them are available in digiskills. So start learning from there free of cost.


Being Pakistani, we all are very familiar with youtube. Every day we watch a lot of informational entertainment stuff on youtube. But do you know you can earn money from youtube? There are many famous YouTubers from Pakistan. If you have an idea or content that you can make through visuals and add to your channel on youtube. When more and more people watch your content through this, you can start earning from youtube. 

Things required for youtube:

  • The first thing that you need to do is to think about the idea of your content. Think deeply about what you can bring or show to the world through your videos.
  • Afterward, create a channel on youtube with an engaging name of it which also relates to the idea you will be making videos. 
  • You will need a camera, or if your content doesn’t require any camera, you need to know how to edit to add something to show.
  • You will require a mic for you to talk.

These are some basic things you need for youtube. 

Final Viewpoints:

In the light of all the above discussion, our goal is to provide the knowledge of online earning in Pakistan to every citizen of our motherland. However, we are doing our work to provide the platform and awareness, but the final part is yours. Your work is to just stay committed and stay put to it. Sooner or later, you will get a job In Sha Allah. 

So start learning. As there are free platforms like Digiskills, you can learn many skills. So start learning and do what you can do the best. 

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