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[2024] Top 15 ways of How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan

The most probable question of “how to earn money online in Pakistan for students” has been asked a million times. In fact, more than 80% of students here are looking for ways to earn money online in Pakistan for students.

Unfortunately, for many authentic reasons, like unemployment, low per capita income, and many others, everyone, including students, wants to earn money. 

In spite of all these consequences, Pakistan ranks 4th in the freelancing world, and 90% of its citizens are students. So there is a talent for earning money online in Pakistan. 

For students to earn money online in Pakistan, there are tons of opportunities available through freelancing, blogging, and YouTube. Many of the students here in Pakistan are already involved in it. 

There are many students here in Pakistan who want to support their families. The burden of earning money certainly increases when a student realises that their parents need their help. especially middle-class people. In fact, this is the reason Pakistan has a bright future because of the hard-working youth of Pakistan. 

There is no way to get a job at a young age or while still in school in Pakistan. The only way is to learn how to earn money online in Pakistan for students without investment. 

Pakistan is one of the states in the world with the most talented people in terms of IT and the online world. With the right education in online earning, students in Pakistan are keener on earning money at an early age. 

Furthermore, many inspirational people have earned millions of rupees in their students’ age. Thanks to the great teachers and influencers in Pakistan who have brought the concept of online earning to students, each of them is using their experience to prove the perfect courses to seek online earnings in Pakistan for students. 

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Best Courses Providers in Pakistan

Online earning in Pakistan for students isn’t a master task or rocket science. All you need to do is seek some thoughtful courses before starting your online journey. Believe me, after a certain time, you will realise there is no better way than these online jobs for students to earn money at home. 

If you are seeking an online course platform in Pakistan, then there are many. These are 

  • Online MDi Training in Pakistan
  • Udemy
  • Skill Success 
  • PICS (Pakistan Institute of Computer Sciences)
  • Coursera
  • Harvard Online Courses

So these are the platforms that you need to learn how to earn money online in Pakistan for students. 

Best Platforms to Earn Money Online in Pakistan

Today we have brought some of the best platforms through which students can earn money online in Pakistan. We have taken a lot of guidance and thoughts from some of the best experts in the world to give you the best information on how to earn money online in Pakistan for students. So just make sure you read every word of it. 

The following are some of the ways students can earn money online

  • Freelancing
  • Blogging
  • E-Commerce
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Buying and selling


There are no great words to define freelancing. Freelancing is the biggest platform in the world where any person, including students, can earn money online. In fact, here in Pakistan, freelancing has been the biggest platform for many students to fulfil their financial needs. Freelancing is one of the best way to earn money online in Pakistan for students.

Furthermore, the best thing about freelancing is that it doesn’t require any investment. Freelancing is the way to go for those looking for online earning opportunities in Pakistan for students with no investment. So what are you waiting for, just go for the best way to earn money online in Pakistan for students.

Freelancing is the trademark of showing your skills and then selling them to earn a great amount of money from it. Freelancing is mostly recommended for students. The reason is that students get a lot of free time where they can use freelancing platforms to earn money without any investment. 

Attributes to Understand

Starting freelancing for students in Pakistan has some alternatives and attributes that you have to fulfil first. These are

  • Find your skill, the skill that you can do the best.
  • If you don’t know any skills, then you have to learn them first.
  • Start practising your skills and make them your signature skill.
  • Select a certain time to stay committed to freelancing.

When you surpass all these attributes, then you are ready to go freelance. Some of the best sources of skills available in Pakistan are already mentioned above. 

Recommend Skills for Students of Pakistan

These are some of the best and most recommended skills that a student in Pakistan can learn. These skills are easy and can not only help them earn money, but they will be a lot more useful in their academic career as well. These skills are

  • Graphic Designing (All its Alternatives)
  • Content Generation (in All Its Varieties)
  • Web development
  • E-Commerce
  • Digital Marketing

These are the most recommended sets of skills. There are many more. You can look into the course provider and find the easiest course that you can pursue. 

Freelancing Platforms

The following are the platforms to do freelancing in Pakistan for students.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork

There are many other platforms, although the ones mentioned above are the top ones and most recommended for students.


Fiverr is one of the great freelance marketplaces where you can sell your skills. The majority of newcomers begin on Fiverr. The reason is that Fiverr is way easier to use and more mellow in use than any other freelancing platform. 

Fiverr is mostly recommended for students. Moreover, Fiverr provides many opportunities for new beginners as well. Those who are aware that they can showcase their best skills on Fiverr are encouraged to do so. Fiverr is also one of the best places to earn money online in Pakistan for students

Click on the word “Fiverr” to direct yourself to the Fiverr website to create a seller account for yourself. 


Upwork is a freelance marketplace where millions of buyers come to get their work completed. Many students in Pakistan begin their careers as freelancers on Upwork. 

Although this might be hard for some students in Pakistan to get through, it is because Upwork is a lot more open-minded than any other freelancing platform. 

However, those who know that they can provide the exact work their buyers have ordered can easily get an accomplishment on Upwork. Upwork is another great freelance market platform, especially for earning money online in Pakistan for students. 

Click on the word “Upwork” to direct yourself to the Upwork site to create a seller account for yourself. is a freelance marketplace where you can start your freelance journey. The best thing about is that it is very easy to use. 

The majority of the buyers and sellers are also Asian. Moreover, will be a lot easier since you can communicate easily. Moreover it is a Pakistan Based Freelance Market.

Click on the word “” to direct yourself to the site to create a seller account for yourself.

Guru is another famous and popular freelance marketplace. For those who are looking for how to earn money online in Pakistan for students, is one of the places where any student can earn. 

If you have the necessary skills, you can begin your journey as a student at in Pakistan.

Click on the word “” to go to the website and create a seller account for yourself.

These are the following freelancing marketplaces where you can do freelancing by showing your skills. If you think you are worthy enough to start freelancing now, then just go to the particular links and start from there. 


Blogging is the most popular emerging job since the birth of the Internet. It is the most widely used and preferred skill set in every part of the world. 

Blogging is the sharing of ideas that have been shared on the internet so that people can get help from them. It is a way to share your experience and thoughts, which may help others in their life. 

We all search for many things on Google daily just to learn something. Following that, blogs and websites account for 99 percent of Google search results.

Blogging in Pakistan

Here in Pakistan, there has been no such concept as blogging up until now. Even well-educated people do not know about blogging. Thanks to the many people who drove this concept to Pakistan. Nowadays, many people are keen to learn about blogging, especially students. 

Blogging for Students

Blogging is most recommended for students. For those who want to earn money and are looking for a way to earn money online in Pakistan for students, blogging is one way to accomplish that. 

Anyone can start a blog. This means anyone who knows how to write and has a basic concept of WordPress or how to run a website. Afterward, you can find some unique keywords about the topics you want to write about. 

You can find the complete course at the following skills course provider above that we mentioned. There is a lot of scope for blogging. It will take some time, but it will bear some flowers in the future. In fact, it would be perfect if you started it at the age of a student.


E-commerce is one of the underrated skill sets in Pakistan. The best way to define e-commerce is to ask you a question. Have you ever ordered anything online? If yes, then the place where you ordered online is a perfect example of e-commerce. An E-store where you can sell your products through an online e-commerce website. 

Have you ever wondered why every top brand in Pakistan, especially clothing brands, is getting digitized? The reason is that the modern world is now more concerned with e-stores. 

People don’t want to walk to the stores to buy things. They do the easier work of ordering it online through their e-commerce store. Moreover, it is the best way to increase the selling rate of their products. 

E-Commerce for Students

For students, there are many ways through which they can start e-commerce. They can sell their products via e-commerce stores like Daraz and Amazon. In fact, they can create their own ecommerce store as well. 

Another way to earn through e-commerce is to run someone else’s e-commerce store and sell their products. All these things can be done if you take a course in e-commerce. 


We are all very familiar with YouTube. We often watch many things via YouTube. Whether it is related to our studies, songs, movies, or other entertainment content, do you know that by making a channel you can earn a great amount of money? 

For students, there are many top YouTubers right now who have started their journey as students. Moreover, there are many students who have started earning from YouTube even in Pakistan. 

Things Attributes

  • There are some things that you need to have before starting a YouTube channel.
  • The first thing is to find a topic or niche.
  • Find a camera or a mic if you need to record yourself or your voice. 
  • You need to get some understanding of the YouTube algorithms.

These are the requirements that you should be familiar with. When you get all those things, then you can officially start your channel on YouTube. 


Recently, Facebook has started to give money to its content providers. Being the most popular app in Pakistan, most people spend half a day on Facebook scrolling, including students. So it is better that you might earn some money from it. 

If you understand the requirements of YouTube, the same thing is required for Facebook as well. You can literally run both Facebook and YouTube with the same content. This is probably the best way to earn money online in Pakistan for students. 

Buying and selling

“Buy and sell” is a bit out of context, but it is important. For those students who are interested in doing business or have prioritised doing business in their future, why not begin with student life? It is a simple understanding. 

  • We all know the ways to sell things online, which are OLX, Daraz, etc.
  • Simply purchase something from a wholesaler.
  • You can then sell it through Daraz in Pakistan or through OIX.

For example,

You can buy a used mobile phone for 15,000 PKR and then sell it on OLX for 20,000 PKR. In this way, you will earn PKR 5000 in no time. 

Faizan’s recommendation for the Pakistani students

Hello there, I am Faizan Khan. I am an expert freelance blogger and web developer. I was a first-year student when I first stepped into the online world. Right now, after 2 years, I am still a student and I have achieved a lot. For those students who want to start earning money online in Pakistan, they have to stay committed.

The things I have mentioned above are very important to you. I know many of you belong to a middle-class family, and there is not enough money where you can start your journey. So, for that reason, I would recommend starting freelancing first. Afterward, when you earn money, you can go blogging and do other things. This is a simple understanding. if you are looking for how to earn money online in Pakistan for students then this is the blog for you. So be bold in everything !

Final Viewpoints

The question of how to earn money online in Pakistan for students should be easy now. The things we have mentioned above are the most authentic. 

All you need is to take a timeout from your daily routine work and read every passage carefully. And remember, you cannot make it to your destination until you have the guts to stay committed to something you have started. 

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