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When there is a great road in front of you, it will surely challenge your notions. Likewise, on the best motorways in Pakistan, it is hard to ease yourself while driving on them.

Daily commuter traffic on Pakistan’s diverse highways really makes a person ache. Driving on the motorways in Pakistan is a different experience. 

There are motorways in Pakistan that are not only constructed with deep engineering but also because of the landscapes and scenes that make them beautiful. Even though some of the motorways will make you wonder how these roads exist in Pakistan,

The most scenic motorways in Pakistan are a feast of engineering. Once you travel on it, you will never go on normal highways like GT roads and Ring Road while traveling. 

Motorways are made for the ease of people. Those who are traveling somewhere from a distance. They can invariably use it to reach their own type without facing any traffic. 

Pakistan is one of those countries that is filled with motorways and expressways. Almost every motorway connects every city in Pakistan. So wherever you want to go, you can use the motorways in Pakistan. 

Many of us are not even familiar with the motorways available in Pakistan. Recent projects like CPEC are going to make Pakistan more advanced in motorways and other routes. Moreover, the one belt, one road project will even connect the whole of Pakistan with other countries up to Turkey. So the future of routes in Pakistan is very bright. 

Today we have brought some of the best scenic motorways in Pakistan. These expressways in Pakistan offer the best roads in the subcontinent. 

Each motorway is a stunning destination that offers breathtaking scenery. Each motorway is for SUVs, sports cars, HTVs, and other cars as well. You will have very unique experiences, and some of them will be more challenging than others. 

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The following are the list of motorways in Pakistan:

  • M1 Peshawar to Islamabad
  • M2 Islamabad to Lahore
  • M3 Lahore to Abdul Hakeem
  • M4 Pindi Bhattian to Multan
  • M5 Multan to Sukkur 
  • M6 Sukkur to Hyderabad
  • M7 Dadu to Hub
  • M8 Ratodero to Gwadar
  • M9 Hyderabad to Karachi
  • M10 Karachi Northern Bypass
  • M11 Lahore to Sialkot
  • M12 Sialkot to Kharian
  • M13 Kharian to Rawalpindi
  • M14 Islamabad to DI Khan
  • M15 Hassanabdal to Mansehra (Hazara Motorway)
  • M16 Swabi to Chakdara (Swat Motorway)

These are the total number of Motorways available in Pakistan. We have listed and ranked them below in terms of construction quality and beauty.

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M15 Hassan Abdal to Mansehra (Hazara Motorway)

  • Length in Kilometers: About 200 Km 
  • Located in: KPK

The Hazara Motorway, with its grand scenery, is at the top of our bucket list. When it comes to beauty, there is no comparison with the Hazara motorway. If you haven’t driven the Hazara Motorway, you wouldn’t believe you’re in Pakistan.

The Hazara motorway is not only one of the best motorways in Pakistan but the world too. With majestic mountains and beautiful tunnels, it is the best motorway in Pakistan. You’ll be driving through some beautiful valleys while traveling along the Hazara Motorway. 

The Hazara motorway is currently only operational from Hassan Abdal to Mansehra, with the remainder under construction. It is a big part of the CEPC, which will start from the Pak-China border to Gwadar, Balochistan. Once it is completed, it is going to be the world’s best express and motorway. 

M8 Ratodero to Gwadar:

  • Length in Kilometers:892 KM
  • Located in Balochistan,
motorways in Pakistan

The M8 Motorway, which starts from Ratodero and goes to Gwadar, This is another of the best motorways in Pakistan. It is very close to the Makran Coastal Highway, with the majestic Gwadar Mountains in the aisles. The motorway is beautifully constructed with some quality materials. It is now fully operational. 

Tourists flock here as well. Many people use the M8 motorway to visit the beaches of Gwadar in Balochistan. It is a must-visit place. While going there, you will experience the best M8 motorways in Pakistan. 

M16 Swabi to Chakdara (Swat Motorway)

  • Length in Kilometers: 160 KM
  • Located in: KPK
Motorways in Pakistan

The Swat motorway is another and one of the most beautiful motorways in Pakistan. It was recently constructed and starts from Swabi and ends at Chandara Swat. 

Everyone knows Swat is considered the Switzerland of Pakistan. In fact, when you travel via the swat motorway, you will not see such a difference between Switzerland and the M16 motorway. In fact, you will find it better. 

It is just like the Hazara motorway with amazing scenery and mountains, including tunnels. It is a must-see travel spot. When you have some free time and want to go somewhere good, Swat is the place. It is now very easy to travel thanks to the M8 motorway in Pakistan. 

M1 Peshawar to Islamabad:

  • Length in Kilometers: 155 KM
  • Located in: KPK and Capital of Pakistan
Motorways in pakistan

The M1 is one of those motorways in Pakistan that is not too long, but you will have an amazing experience while traveling on it. The M1 motorway starts from Peshawar and ends in Islamabad. In fact, it is one of the busiest motorways in Pakistan.

The things that make the M1 Motorway special are the greenery and landscapes you will witness. Moreover, the M1 motorway is one of the oldest in Pakistan as well. So you will surely enjoy the experience of the Pakistan M1 Motorway from Peshawar to Islamabad.

M2 Islamabad to Lahore:

  • Length in Kilometers: 367 KM
  • Located in: Capital and Punjab

The M2 Motorway is one of my favorites. The reason is that it is a luxury type of motorway in Pakistan. In fact, it is the busiest motorway as well. 

It runs from Islamabad to Lahore. The moment you enter Islamabad, you will see a lot of greenery on the sides. 

While traveling, there are many great things to see. especially the majestic fields of Punjab. The thing I like the most is the sunset while traveling on the M2 motorway. Furthermore, there are a lot of facilities as well, like rest areas. 

M5 Multan to Sukkur:

  • Length in Kilometers: 392KM
  • Located in: Punjab

The M5 Motorway starts from Multan and ends at Sukkur. It is likewise ranked because of the fields that you will witness. Moreover, the beauty goes beyond when you enter Multan because of the massive fields.

The M5 motorway has been invariably busy over the years. You will witness some desert areas as well. So a person traveling on it will witness mixed experiences. There are several rest areas available on 

M10 Karachi Northern Bypass:

  • Length in Kilometers: 57 KM
  • Located in Sindh,

The M10 is a newly constructed motorway that is now operational. It is one of the best motorways in Pakistan and Karachi. It is constructed with high-quality materials, which makes the motorway look beautiful. There is no better motorway in Karachi than the M10. 

It is not the busiest motorway in Pakistan, although it is very beneficial. It enables many routes where you can reach your destination on time. So whenever you go somewhere, try to use the Karachi Northern Bypass. 

M14 Islamabad to DI Khan:

  • Length in Kilometers: 285KM
  • Located in: Capital and Punjab

M14 is a unique, scenic road that starts in Islamabad and ends at DI Khan. You will witness some of the most amazing scenery while traveling on it. 

We highly recommend the M14 Islamabad to DI Khan motorway for travel. Most people are not even familiar with the M14 motorway. They would rather use the highways, which are a headache to travel on. It is now fully operational. 

M9 Hyderabad to Karachi:

  • Length in Kilometers: 136
  • Located in Sindh,

The M9 is the most sophisticated motorway in Pakistan. In fact, there is a chance that you might feel like you are traveling in Dubai or something. 

The desserts on the side make traveling amazing. The M9 motorway runs from Hyderabad to Karachi. 

Furthermore, it is a very busy route, especially for the HTV, which travels day and night on the M9 motorway. It is beautifully constructed. You will have an amazing experience while traveling on the M9 motorway. 

M4 Pindi Bhattian to Multan:

  • Length in Kilometers: 309KM
  • Located in: Punjab

Punjab is well-known for its highways and motorways. The M4 motorway starts at Pindi Bhattian and ends at Multan. There is something great about the M4 motorway that makes it special. The great construction of roads and scientific fields in Punjab makes it a better motorway for the journey. 

There are a lot of facilities available as well on the M4 motorway. Moreover, it is a busy motorway as well. So there is no harm in traveling by using the M4 Pindi Bhattian to Multan motorway. It is, without a doubt, one of the best motorways in Pakistan. 

M11 Lahore to Sialkot Motorway

  • Length in Kilometers: 103 KM
  • Located in: Punjab

The M11 motorway starts from Lahore and ends at Sialkot. The motorway is high quality and one of the busiest motorways in Pakistan. The expressway on M11 is beautifully constructed. In fact, both Lahore and Sialkot are the main cities in Punjab, so the route is open 24/7.

There are a lot of facilities available for passengers. The reason is that most of the bus services travel along the M11 motorway. It is a great experience traveling through the M11 motorway from Lahore to Sialkot. 

M3 Lahore to Abdul Hakeem:

  • Length in Kilometers: 230KM
  • Located in: Punjab

The M3 is one of my favorite motorways in Pakistan. The reason is the same as for each motorway in Punjab. The open, wide green fields of Lahore and Abdul Hakeem make the M3 motor a treat to watch. 

The M3 motorway starts from Lahore and ends at Abdul Hakeem. It is also one of the busiest highways in Punjab. The facilities on the M3 motorway are unquestionable. In fact, there is no such hurdle that you will face on the M3 Motorway. 

Under Construction: Motorways in Pakistan

Some of the motorways are still under construction. They are not operational. The under-construction motorways in Pakistan are 

  • M6 Sukkur to Hyderabad
  • M7 Dadu to Hub
  • M12 Sialkot to Kharian
  • M13 Kharian to Rawalpindi

Final Viewpoints

Motorways are surely the easiest route towards your destination. You will never witness any traffic or any disturbance. Traveling with your loved ones on the motorways in Pakistan is one of the best experiences. So the sea above is the best and the top motorways in Pakistan. For more motorway updates keep visiting the site.

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