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[2024] Top 21 Best Clothing Brands in Pakistan | Expert Review |

The clothing brands in Pakistan have invariably made headlines with their best designs. As we can see, the clothing industry is the most ancient industry in Pakistan. 

After independence, most of the brands started with one-hand machines. Today, however, there are a diverse number of brands in Pakistan, though only a few of them have risen to the top.

Every year, Pakistan rises in the clothing brands, with Pakistan’s top designers truly creating the greatest outfits for the Pakistani people. The growth of the apparel business in Pakistan is due to the fact that most brands include Pakistani culture with modern trends, which has brought much success to them. 

Right now, there are clothing brands in Pakistan that have become famous all over the country with their pleasant styles of clothing. The key to clothing brands in Pakistan right now in 2021 is their quality and perfection and the way they set their trends. 

Wearing branded clothing is increasing rapidly in Pakistan. It is now becoming a part of our lives. In fact, we have never seen this type of craze for clothing brands in Pakistan. People are waiting for sales to buy their favourite clothes from the top brands in Pakistan. 

Luckily, apparel brands in Pakistan are providing an eCommerce facility to buy clothes online. The best clothing brands in Pakistan are becoming more popular even beyond Pakistan’s borders as a result of their online popularity.Moreover, Pakistanis are now considering and ordering from online clothing brands rather than going by themselves to the stores. 

Some of our people like to have our review on such important topics. Well, there it is. Today we have brought some of the best clothing brands in Pakistan in 2021. Furthermore, we will mention each of the top five clothing brands ranked wise. So make yourself educated about the fashion brands of Pakistan. The list of 21 clothing brands in Pakistan includes the following:

  • Alkaram Studios
  • Gul Ahmad
  • Khaadi
  • J. Junaid Jamshed
  • HSY Studio
  • Sana Safinaz
  • Nishat Linen
  • Maria B.
  • ChenOne
  • Asim Jofa
  • Sapphire Retail
  • Mushq
  • Hussain Rehar
  • Bareeze
  • Zainab Chottani

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Gul Ahmad:

clothing brands in pakistan

Gul Ahmad is a magnificent textile company in Pakistan. They are now playing a leading role in making the best clothes for Pakistan. They sell their clothes through their outlets and online stores under the name Ideas by Gul Ahmad. 

Furthermore, they are the inspiration for every textile industry in Pakistan. The making of clothes in their textile industry has made them all-time favourites among Pakistani clothing brands. Their online service speaks for itself. Gul Ahmad has a variety of clothes for both males and females, including kids. 

Location: Gul Ahmad has more than 114 outlets across Pakistan. You can find it in every city. Click here to direct you to the store locator of Gul Ahmad in your city. 

Alkaram Studios

clothing brands in pakistan

From Alkaram Textile to Alkaram Studios is the top-rated clothing brand of Pakistan. Their creativity and concept of great designs have brought them to the leading industry in Pakistan. Alkaram Studios is providing fashion Fabrics and some amazing clothes for men, women and kids. 

In fact, the creative concept of the customer’s choice is one of the reasons why Alkaram studios are leading clothing brands in Pakistan. So get ready to wear the best and most stunning accessories from Alkaram studios, available from their stores and online stores across the country. 

Locations: Click Here to find the nearest Alkaram Studio outlet in your city. 


clothing brands in pakistan

In what might be a little surprise for Pakistanis, the Khaadi clothing brand maintains one of the best clothing brands in Pakistan. It is far ahead of most clothing brands, which were previously ahead of Khaadi.In fact, it has since Khaadi has created some mouth-watering clothes in the past few years. 

Their designers have brought some amazing trends which are now leading the clothing choices of the people of Pakistan. It all started from one store in Karachi 25 years ago. They are currently the most popular fashion brands in Pakistan.

Locations: Khaadi can be located in many major cities of Pakistan. Click Here to direct you to the store locator of Khaadi in your city. 

J. Junaid Jamshed:

clothing brands in pakistan

Presenting you the J. fashion house. J. Junaid Jamshed is the leading clothing brand for both men and women. It all started in 2002 with the idea of reviving the cultural heritage of Pakistan. 

The Junaid Jamshed clothing brand is reviving the Shalwar Kameez culture, which has made this brand touch the sky in no time. In fact, their best designs are inspired by Arabian Fuson and Aztecs to give their customers the best designs. Their vast outlets are not only present in Pakistan but worldwide, including the UK, Australia, and Canada Qatar, New Zealand, and the United Arab EmiratesJ. Junaid Jamshed is the most completed brand in Pakistan. 

Location: Likewise another J. Junaid Jamshed brand has more than 100 outlets in Pakistan. Click Here to direct you to the store locator of J. Junaid Jamshed in your city. 


clothing brands in pakistan

Bareeze is another famous clothing brand in Pakistan. Right now, the season of their best clothes is on. Bareeze is one of the most recognisable brands in Pakistan. They are currently trading with Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Dubai.Their new designs in every category of apparel have taken the hearts of Pakistanis everywhere. The vast collection will provide many opportunities to choose your desired clothes. 

Location: Click Here to find the nearest Hussain Rehar Store in your city

Sana Safinaz

clothing brands in pakistan

Sana Safinaz is a real name on our list here today. It is one of the top luxury brands in Pakistan. Sana Safinaz was established in 1989. Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer are the two owners and founders of the Sana Safinaz brand. 

The vast collection of diverse apparel, which is not limited to the common culture, but many new ideas, made them the best. They offer elegant designs and quality clothes that you cannot find in any of the clothing brands in Pakistan.

Location: Click Here to find the nearest outlet of Sana Safinaz. 

Nishat Linen

clothing brands in pakistan

Nishat Linen is full of surprises. Every new season, they announce some amazing clothes with new designs that amaze everyone. Nishat Linen is a well-equipped and one of Pakistan’s largest textile companies.They always bring many trends in Pakistan’s textile market with their new design ideas and elegant clothing quality.

Moreover, many of the cool and dark-colored clothes with super designs are very popular in Nishat Linen. You can find your best choice in any of the seasonal clothes. 

Location: Click Here to find the nearest Nishat Linen outlet in your city. 

Maria B

clothing brands in pakistan

Maira B demonstrated itself as a remarkable clothing brand in Pakistan. The apparel of great designs is in fact the innovation and transformation by great designers. Maira B is among the most emerging clothing brands in Pakistan right now. 

If you want to have a unique design of clothes then Maria B’s brand should be your priority. They are now covering all the subcontinent including India, the UK, the USA, and Bangladesh.

Location: Click Here to find the nearest Maria B outlet in your city.


clothing brands in pakistan

Levis is an American-based clothing brand. Here in Pakistan Levis is one of Pakistan’s top clothing franchises. From streetwear and outfits, Levis provides western apparel here in Pakistan. People have captured the attraction of the best levis garments around the world. Here in Pakistan, you can easily get every latest Levis brand outfit. 

Location: Click Here to find the nearest Levi’s outlet in your city.


The pure Pakistani clothing brand ChenOne is one of the exceptional clothing brands in Pakistan. With the majority of collections for both males and females, The great experience of Pakistani fashion has brought ChenOne, especially to this list. Moreover, the collection of clothes continues to be a part of major apparel trends in Pakistan. 

Location: Click Here to find the nearest ChenOne outlet in your city.

Asim Jofa

clothing brands in pakistan

Asim Jofa is the most sophisticated and flattering clothing brand in Pakistan. It is really a change in the fashion industry of Pakistan with their best clothing and apparel designs. 

Asim Jofa is a great designer who has introduced many aesthetically pleasing fashion trends in recent years.Right now, the brand of Asim Jofa is among the fastest emerging clothing brands in Pakistan. Asim Jofa is a young gun in Pakistan in the fashion industry.

Location: Click Here to find the nearest Asim Jofa brand outlet in your city. 

HSY Studio

clothing brands in pakistan

HSY Studio is the most popular clothing brand in Pakistan. Hassan Sheheryar Yasin is one of the top-notch designers of Pakistan. HSY studio has been marked one the finest clothing textile in entire Pakistan. 

Their designs and clothing ideas for both men and women are outstanding. In fact, they topped the groom and bride apparel in Pakistan. Moreover, Hassan Shehreyar Yasin is not only a designer but an icon to Pakistan who has brought many great designs over the years for many different brands. 

Location: HSY studio garments can be located in many varieties of different brands. You can find them in many online outlets. 

Sapphire Retail

With the mystical touch of making great designs with elegant coloring, we present to you one of the finest clothing brands in Pakistan, Sapphire Retail. The best designing clothes sapphire Retail is making every clothing consumer proud. Their priority is to satisfy the needs of the consumers across Pakistan. From traditional clothes to the new trending, all of them are here in Sapphire Retail. 

Location: Click Here to find the nearest Asim Jofa brand outlet in your city.


The famous attractive designs and materialistic quality of the Mushq brand are here to deliver the best that you desire. The most colourful and vivid themed clothes and their design makes Mushq one of the top in the list. 

A variety of clothes is available with them. Mushq gained their very best game from the Trousseau De Luxe. This with some other alternative collections of Mushq gave them much popularity. Their great customer service in the online market increased the trust in the customer’s heart. 

Location: Click Here to find the nearest Mushq store in your city.

Hussain Rehar

Hussain Rehar is a top-notch designer in Pakistan. With its brand, he sold out his best ideas for clothes in Pakistan. The fashion of Hussain Rehar is a serious business for both males and females. He has created some of the best clothes over the years with his great ideas. Right now, the Hussain Rehar clothing brand is leading its way to the top of the clothing brands in Pakistan. 

Location: Click Here to find the nearest Hussain Rehar Store in your city.

Zainab Chottani

Are you looking for the best bridal dresses and apparel? Zainab cottage is the one you are looking for. Zainab Chottani, a stunning designer, started her career by designing bridal dresses. Not only that, there are other great designs with a variety of collections available at the Zainab Chottani brand. Every season they produce some gems of design, both in normal apparel and in bridal dresses. 

Location: Click Here to find the nearest Zainab Chottani outlet in your city. 


Limelight is another leading textile brand in Pakistan. The retail brand has more than 70 outlets across Pakistan. It was launched in 2010, and since then they have been making every consumer proud of its apparel. They have a collection of unstitched western wear shoes and all other alternative accessories. The best thing about the limelight is that it is entirely affordable. So you will have an opportunity to buy the best-branded clothes at no price in Pakistan. 

Location: Click Here to find the nearest Limelight outlet in your city. 


Are you one of the youths who are looking for streetwear and outfits? Well, don’t look anymore. Outfitters is here. As referred to by its name, Outfitters has everything including shirts, t-shirts, uppers, jackets, pants trousers, and many others to help you get up. The demand for clothes from men, women and juniors is increased when the season comes. Moreover, they provide many sales to give every status of people to buy their favourite clothes. 

Location: Click Here to find the nearest outfitters outlet in your city. 


In Pakistan almost every clothing brand in UNISEX you can hardly find only men brand. Luckily charcoal men’s brand is here to give you male garments and outfits. Charcoal was founded in 2008 and from the very first day their ambition is to create top suits and every variety of outfits for men. Informal clothing and casual clothing there is no better brand than Charcoal in Pakistan. 

Location: Click Here to find the nearest Charcoal outlet in your city. 


Almirah is The most elegant classic and futuristic clothing brand in Pakistan. In fact, this is how Almirah describes themselves. The fine fabrics with some stunning alterations on them make it the best brand in Pakistan. Almirah cares about its products. You will get every trending clothes for both males and females at Almirah. 

Location: Click Here to find the nearest Almirah outlet in your city. 


Cambridge is another high-end men’s clothing brand in Pakistan. Right now, they are emerging as the best men’s clothing brand in Pakistan. In fact, for every man who desires to have the best-branded clothes, including outfits and streetwear, there is no better place than Cambridge. There are varieties of collections for both summer and winter available in Cambridge. So don’t wait up and buy your favourite apparel in Cambridge. 

Location: Click Here to find the nearest Cambridge outlet in your city.

Final View Point:

Pakistan’s apparel sector is one of the country’s oldest. The best clothing brands in Pakistan are becoming more popular even beyond Pakistan’s borders as a result of their online popularity.

Pakistan is the hub of textiles. In fact, textile is one of the biggest industries of Pakistan. Diverse top clothing brands in Pakistan have already created a craze not only in Pakistan but across the border. Furthermore, these are our top clothing brands in Pakistan. You can find the nearest outlets of each brand near you through the link given. You cannot get any more satisfaction than these above brands. 

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