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[2024] Top 20 Best makeup brands in Pakistan | Expert Review |

Spotting the best makeup brands in Pakistan may sound like struggling to find a diamond in the mines. However, this mindset will not stick around anymore! 

We have brought some of the best makeup brands in Pakistan. A special thanks to all of Pakistan’s top makeup brands for creating such marvelous products for the country’s females. In fact, knowing such makeup brands will allow customers to purchase cosmetic products at the least expensive prices.

If you have a knack for picking up the best makeup products in Pakistan, then you should familiarise yourself with the best makeup brands in Pakistan. 

Every female looks for quality in makeup brands. That is why they try every makeup brand to make sure which one is the best. The qualities that are required are as follows:

  • Are the makeup products gentle on your skin?
  • It must look good on my face.
  • lasts all day.

These are the requirements that must be present in every makeup brand in Pakistan. In Pakistan, there are diverse qualities of makeup available, from good to bad and from extraordinary to worse. To assist the females of Pakistan, we have brought some of the best makeup brands to Pakistan which not only fulfill your requirements but satisfy them too.

International makeup brands have a similar influence in Pakistan. As there are numerous great international brands such as L’Oreal, Chanel, and others, These international makeup brands in Pakistan are commonly available in every cosmetics outlet. 

Luckily, Pakistan possesses a mainstay of top makeup brands. These top makeup brands in Pakistan have consistently delivered high-quality and top-notch makeup products to satisfy the makeup needs of women. When you stick to those makeup brands in Pakistan, you will never regret it and will definitely purchase it again. 

Many big names have been produced in Pakistan, although some of them have won the hearts of millions of Pakistani females. Moreover, almost every makeup brand is a celebrity or makeup designer’s favorite. They use it for commercials and TV dramas. Each makeup brand in Pakistan has some awesome reviews from customers. 

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These are the top national and international makeup brands in Pakistan. 

national makeup brands in Pakistan.

  • Masarrat Misbah
  • Beauty by Amna
  • Rivaj UK
  • Glam Girl
  • Zhoosh Official
  • Zay beauty
  • Medora
  • Luscious cosmetics
  • Entice Cosmetics

Masarrat Misbah

Massart Misbah is one of the leading makeup brands in Pakistan. It was founded by a legendary beautician and makeup artist, Masarrat Misbah. She dedicated her work to making and progressing the cosmetic environment in Pakistan. 

They have a variety of cosmetics available. Every makeup product is made up of strong and healthy ingredients. It is formatted with great engineering. The Masarrat Misbah makeup brand is without a doubt one of the top makeup brands in Pakistan. Furthermore, they offer a 10% discount for new customers. So, if you haven’t ordered anything yet, now is the time to do so.

Beauty by Amna

Beauty by Amna is one of the most popular makeup brands in Pakistan. They always take care of their customers by announcing sales on their makeup products. Suleman is the producer of Beauty by Amna, AKA BBA. In fact, Suleman has been dealing with and producing great makeup products in Pakistan for over a decade now. 

Beauty by Amna is one of the leading brands in Pakistan. Their products speak for themselves due to the great variety of products available. Right now, there are many opportunities to be had in big sales. 

Rivaj UK

makeup brands in Pakistan

Rivaj UK is one of the leading makeup brands in Pakistan. They are Pakistan’s leading distributors and importers. Rivaj Uk has 40 years of professional experience. In fact, Rivaj UK is a makeup brand under the umbrella of SJS, which is an international brand. 

Rivaj UK has a variety of makeup products available. There are high-end cosmetics ranges, including Rivaj HD, which is a unique makeup product. Moreover, Rivaj UK has some trending makeup products available. There are some sales right now. Simply go to their website and order what you want.

Glam Girl

Glam Girl is another perfect makeup brand in Pakistan. For more than a decade, Glam Girl has rightfully written its name on the silver lining. Moreover, in Pakistan, there is a huge market for glam girls. 

Glam Girl comprises great cosmetic products that are easily available on their e-commerce store. In fact, every product is very cheap. You can avail the best makeup products from Glam Girl at their online store. 

Zhoosh Official:

Makeup brands in Pakistan

Zhoosh, officially, is another one of the most selling makeup brands in Pakistan. The variety of cosmetic products available is amazing. There are many choices in every set of products with Zhoosh official. Furthermore, they have some great customer service on their official website. There are many deals and sales available at Zhoosh Official, so don’t miss the opportunity to get the best makeup products in Pakistan. 

Zey Beauty

makeup brands in Pakistan

Zey Beauty is an outstanding makeup brand in Pakistan. They have an elite team of makeup artists, which gives some amazing sets of makeup products. In fact, every female in Pakistan uses their products. Moreover, there is a market for Zey Beauty in every corner of the world. 

Zey Beauty is a top choice when it comes to makeup brands in Pakistan. So, if you want to improve your appearance, try using Ezy Beauty cosmetic products. Everything is available in their e-commerce store.


The Medora craze began in 1961 when it was established in Karachi. Afterward, Medora has presided over some great makeup products in Pakistan. It is one of the leading makeup brands in Pakistan. 

Medora is known for its best makeup products at no price. Their objective is to provide maximum satisfaction to their customers. If you want to get the best makeup products in Pakistan, then visit Medora’s official website. There you will get the best cosmetic products in the country. 

Luscious Cosmetics:

If you are looking for high-quality makeup products in Pakistan, there is no better choice than luscious cosmetics. Luscious Cosmetics is one of the leading cosmetic brands in Pakistan. They offer many deals and sales to provide every woman with the best products at low prices. 

There are many skin care products available in Luscious cosmetics. Every product is made up of natural ingredients that do not have any side effects on any type of skin. So, without a doubt, Luscious Cosmetics is one of the top makeup brands in Pakistan. 

Entice cosmetics:

Entice cosmetics is one of the modern makeup brands in Pakistan. Luckily, enticing cosmetics are providing many opportunities for customers to get the best products in low amounts. 

The owner of Entice Cosmetics is a medical expert. This helps the company a lot in making natural and healthy products. As there are many makeup products available that have sabotaged people’s skins in the past, I am looking forward to enticing cosmetics entirely to produce more effective natural products. You can buy enticing cosmetics from their official e-commerce store. 

Organic Traveler:

Organic Traveler, as referred to by the name, is a great makeup brand in Pakistan. In fact, they are available in a wide range throughout the country. You will probably find organic traveler’s products in every outlet available. 

Organic Traveler is an all-natural product, as referred to by the name. There are many products available for skincare as well as makeup products. Each organic traveler’s makeup product is available in their online store. You can visit and order the best makeup products in any corner of the world. 

international makeup brands in Pakistan.

  • Chanel
  • L’Oreal
  • Dior
  • MAC
  • Armani Beauty
  • Burberry
  • Elf Cosmetics
  • NYX
  • Urban Decay
  • Sephora


Chanel is one of the most popular and leading international makeup brands in Pakistan. The variety and quality of Chanel makeup products they possess are striking. In fact, their makeup products are more sophisticated, which enhances your beauty. Coco Chanel is the CEO of Chanel who has done everything to provide the best cosmetic material for people around the world. 

Chanel has every product available, from top makeup items to the best perfumes. Moreover, if you are after lipsticks and scents, we’ll never try any other brand besides Chanel. 


L’Oreal is the biggest makeup brand in the world. Right now, every makeup lover uses the products of L’Oreal. Likewise, in Pakistan, L’Oreal is highly famous for its products. In fact, once you use the products of L’Oreal, there will be no way you can opt for another makeup brand. The cosmetics collection of L’Oreal is rich with classic favorites in every category of makeup. 

L’Oreal is famous for many reasons. Their hair dye is very famous in Pakistan. Moreover, the mascara and other eye makeup are the best of the L’Oreal brand in Pakistan. 


The excellence of the Dior makeup brand has won many customers around the world. In fact, Dior is one of the best international makeup brands in Pakistan. The creativity Dior has brought to their products, especially the signature Dior Addict lipsticks, is awesome. Using Dior products will make you look more beautiful. 


MAC is the most famous makeup brand in Pakistan. You can literally find MAC cosmetics in every shop here in Pakistan. The impression and collaboration are always great. Once you use the cosmetics of MAC, it will feel very good on your skin. 

Armani Beauty

Armani is another great international brand in Pakistan. Not only in makeup products, but Armani has also won the hearts of many with every Armani Made product. When it comes to the makeup industry in Pakistan, the Armani Beauty name will always be there. 


The best makeup brands in Pakistan know how to provide beauty to every famine zone, and Burberry is one of them. Burberry is a special makeup brand that has innovative products for every category of makeup product. Moreover, Burberry cosmetic products are easily accessible across Pakistan. 

Elf Cosmetics:

Are you looking for high-quality makeup products at a reasonable price? Well, there is no better international makeup brand in Pakistan than E.L.F Cosmetics. Most of the people here are not familiar with elf cosmetics. It is available in many makeup and cosmetics markets. 


NYX is another top-notch makeup brand in Pakistan. The rich pigment quality and low prices make them one of the most popular makeup brands in Pakistan. NYX has a vast collection of every item. Here in Pakistan, you can easily find NYX makeup products in every cosmetic shop. 

NYX became very famous in the 20th century in Pakistan. People often become more attracted to NYX because of its quality and beautiful packaging. Moreover, one of the reasons NYX is famous in Pakistan is that its makeup products are very affordable. 

Urban Decay

Urban Decay is the most unique cosmetic brand in the world. If you want something new and great in your makeup collection, there is no other good brand than Urban Decay. In Pakistan, Urban Decay has a huge market. In fact, Urban Decay goes head to head with every makeup brand in Pakistan. 


Sephora is another one of the special brands in Pakistan. It offers a range of makeup products. Moreover, there are many deals out there at Sephora, so you can buy them in a pack as well. Pakistani women love Sephora makeup products, and it is totally worth it. 

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Final Viewpoints

Makeup is art nowadays. There have been a lot of experiments on a daily basis trying to find out the new makeup trends. 

Every day, makeup artists from Pakistan attend morning shows to showcase some of their best work. Top international and national makeup brands in Pakistan are listed above. There are no better makeup brands than these. Moreover, if you want to go with the local brands, that will be a great idea. 

You can order online from each national makeup brand easily. Moreover, they are available at cheaper prices than the international makeup brands in Pakistan. Furthermore, if someone possesses the strength to go with international makeup brands, then they will have to go to markets to buy it because it will take so long to order from their e-commerce store. 

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