How to Plan a Birthday Party | Expert Review | [2024]

how to plan a birthday party

Well, who doesn’t love birthdays? In fact, it is more amusing when birthdays become more memorable. People often ask how to plan a birthday party. So when they ask something like this, it means they are serious. 

Occasionally in Pakistan, we witness regular birthday parties. Especially in middle-class families, they just cut the cake and do 30 seconds of birthday chants, and that is it. This is what birthday parties are like. Well, to be honest, they don’t want to spend money on birthday parties. In fact, birthday parties never cost as much as they thought they would.

Everything will invariably be done within the budget when you know how to plan a birthday party. So it doesn’t matter if you are from a middle-class family. If everything is organized according to plan, you can make someone’s birthday special. 

So, how to plan a birthday party? Evidently, there are hundreds of ways to plan a birthday party. Being a Pakistani entails specific values that set us apart from western birthday celebrations. So here today, we will share some of the best ways of planning a birthday party, especially in Pakistan. 

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So, the following are the plans and tips on how to plan a birthday party in Pakistan. 

  • Choose a suitable place.
  • Make a budget
  • Choose a theme (Party Decoration).
  • Create a Guest List
  • A plan for food 
  • Decide what to get for the birthday boy or girl.
  • Be prepared for any mishap (an important one at Pakistani birthday parties).

Choose a suitable place.

How hard it is to choose a suitable place for a birthday party. In fact, it is difficult to find open spaces in Pakistani homes because we are accustomed to stuffing any available space. To start the birthday party planning with a suitable place. A place where the party can be perfectly organized. In this way, you will avoid the crowding in the party area when friends and family are gathered up. 

Make a budget:

Making a budget is an important one. In a typical home in Pakistan, there is a lot of experience with moms making budgets. You can consult with them as well. Include the budget for decorations and food. I believe that would be enough. If you want to add something more, you can include them. 

Choose a theme:

Choosing a theme is what birthdays in Pakistan lack. Choose a theme if you want to add a fun twist to birthday parties. Afterward, when you choose a theme, you can decorate the party stage according to it. 

  • Some decorations may include some.
  • Balloons
  • Centerpieces
  • Party Hats (According to the theme)
  • Birthday Banner
  • Some slang words 

Now how to choose a theme? What are the things that birthday boys and girls love the most? It can be a superhero, a marvel, a car lover, etc. 

Some of the ideas for theme choosing are 

  • The Black and Night theme
  • Superhero theme
  • Spiderman themes
  • Cinderella Themes
  • A Gym Freak Theme
  • A coffee shop theme

Create a guest list:

Creating a guest list is the most challenging part in Pakistan. Whether it is for a wedding or a birthday party, you will get a lot of resentment and complaints if you don’t invite someone. So make a list of people that you love the most. You can invite your friends as well as your close family members. Write down each one in the list so you can make other arrangements according to it. 

A plan for food

The food ideas in Pakistan are great. You don’t need to arrange some luxurious and mummy-daddy type food for birthday parties. The best way is to arrange something decent and straightforward. 

So a decent list will include a 

  • cake (size depends on the number of people)
  • Kabab
  • Biryani
  • Some appetizers appetizers (according to your choice)
  • Macaroni or Spegaties
  • Beverages (Coke or Pepsi)
  • In dessert, you can include fruit chaat or kheer.

Decide on the gifts for the birthday boy or girl.

So let’s choose a gift. You can register with the birthday boy or girl, although you should find out about their choices if you keep it a surprise. You can buy something big or something of your choice or buy it voluntarily. So choose according to their choices. Believe me, nobody likes when they get a lousy gift. 

Be Prepared for any Mishap:

Well there are no parties without a fight in Pakistan tradition (A Joke). So always be prepared for any mishap. Most of the time when the guests get upset the host starts his rude behavior with them. So don’t be rude with them, try to well them up and console them if someone gets upset. 

Final Viewpoints

Children love birthday parties. So, if someone is too obsessed with birthdays, they should at least celebrate them for their children. Now just imagine if you celebrated according to a plan with their favorite theme and they got all their favorite gifts. How lovely that would be. So, planning a birthday party is the best way to celebrate a birthday. The above are some tips on how to plan a birthday party. 

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